What is the Science Behind Silicone Pads?

You may be wondering “What is the Science Behind Silicone Pads?” You may wonder how these pads work and how they can improve your skin. Well, this article will help you understand this topic. Read on to discover the benefits of these Soft Silicone Chest Pads, including clinically proven efficacy, hypoallergenic composition, and pregnancy safety.

Clinically proven

SilcSkin’s Multi-Area Pads are made of medical grade silicone and are designed to stimulate cell growth and collagen production, reduce wrinkles and hydrate skin. They are hypoallergenic, water-resistant and extremely comfortable to use. And they are dermatologically tested and certified vegan.

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SilcSkin is a medical grade silicone decolletage pad that prevents chest wrinkles caused by sun damage, aging and sleeping on your side. This product can restore skin to its youthful appearance and is waterproof and reusable for up to 30 days.


When you’re expecting, it’s important to choose pregnancy-safe intimate sex products. If you’re worried about uncomfortable waxy breasts, or burning urination, silicone pads are a great option for your intimate life. These pads are hypoallergenic and absorbed into the skin, making them safe for both you and your baby. You can even use them after the birth of your child if you’d like.


Silicone pads are a versatile protective mat that is used to protect industrial machinery from damage. These mats are safe for use in both indoor and outdoor industrial settings. They come in a variety of durometers. The higher the durometer rating, the more rigid the pad will be. The gauge, or thickness, also determines how flexible the silicone is.

Silicone gel sheeting increases hydration of stratum corneum

Silicone gel sheeting is a type of skin care product that replicates the occlusion properties of the stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of skin. This layer is responsible for wound healing and regeneration. However, when the stratum corneum is immature, it allows excessive water loss. Dehydration triggers the cells in the epidermis to synthesize collagen. Excessive collagen production leads to a raised, discolored scar.

Controls expression of growth factors

A recent study has shown that silicone pads reduce the formation of keloids and hypertrophic scars. However, there is limited information about their ability to affect the expression of growth factors in the scar tissue. In a prospective controlled trial, only four of seven patients completed the study, and the researchers determined that silicone gel sheeting reduced TGF-b1, PDGF, and bFGF expression in biopsies of five scars.